Macrolens Titelleiste

Manufacturer: Rafcamera
Type: Adapters (various)
Description: Source of rare adapters, hard to find, needed for macro / stacking etc. Located in Belarus. Excellent service.

Adapters for RMS to various other mounts, microscope dovetail to others etc.

M34.5 to M52x0.75 (EL-Nikkor 4/50mm, 5.6/80mm and 5.6/105mm to 52mm camera filter)

RMS to M25x0.75
RMS to M26x0.75
RMS to M27x0.75
RMS to M39 to M42 (2-parts combo giving 3-in-1 options)
RMS to M42 flat
RMS to M42 cone
RMS to T2 cone
RMS to M49x0.75 (filter thread of Sony Alpha NEX kit lens)
RMS to M58x0.75 (filter thread of some Canon EOS kit lenses)
RMS to E-mount (Sony Alpha NEX)
RMS to EF (Canon EOS)

M25x0.75 to RMS
M26x0.75 to RMS
M27x0.75 to RMS

RMS female to RMS male, 12 mm height for easy mix of DIN and RMS objectives (45 and 33mm parfocal height).

41mm dovetail to M42 male - to install a camera instead of eyepiece head or over trinocular
47mm dovetail to M42 male - same, just for other size
48.5mm dovetail to M42 male - same, just for other size

See link here:
Link to Rafcamera Adapter list
Mount1: various
Mount2: various
Production Year: curr
Value: 0

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