Macrolens Titelleiste

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss
Type: Tessovar Photomacroscopy System
Description: The Zeiss Tessovar macrophotographic system has zoom capabilities using a total of three auxiliary lenses which allow a magnification range of 0.4X to 12.8X in total. See detailed graphic. Stage I (0.25x lens): magn. 0.4 ... 1.6(work. dist. 320mm), Stage II (0.5x lens): magn. 0.8 ... 3.2 (work. dist. 150mm), Stage III (w/o lens): 1.6 ... 6.4 (work. dist. 75mm), Stage IV (2x lens): 3.2 ... 12.8 (work. dist. 36mm). (The older Tessovar version only used two aux. lenses: 0.8x...12.8x). Boom Stand C and alternate Stand F (250mm heigth). 9x12 (4x5") Camera with shutter; adaptable beamsplitter; 6x auxiliary enlarging magnifier; 545 Polaroid sheet film holder
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