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Manufacturer: Asahi Pentax, Japan
Type: Ultra Achromatic Takumar
Description: The Ultra-Achromatic-Takumar 85 mm f/4.5 consists of both Quartz and Fluoride lenses and was designed for use with ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. The fully achromatic correction results in no focus shift between UV, VIS and IR, thus allowing visual focus without correction. Achromatic correction range 220 ... 1000nm. Filter mount M49.

Link to: Pentax Ultra Achromatic 85mm Instruction Manual
Link to: Pentax Ultra Achromatic 85mm Patent Literature
Link to: Pentax Ultra Achromatic 85mm Optical Analysis

Lens Data:

Years of manufacture: 1968 – 1975
Focal length: 85 mm
Chromatic aberration Correction: 220 – 1000 nm
Elements/groups: 5 / 5
Diaphragm type: Fully automatic
Angle of view: 28.3
Max./Min. aperture: 4.5/22
Minimum focus: 0.6 m
Filter size: 49 mm
Lens hood: 49 mm screw-in type
Length: 60.5 mm
Largest diameter: 60 mm
Weight: 248 grams
Product number: 43851 on underside of auto/man lever


Filters for infrared photography R62B, R68B and 862 nm (IF)
Filters for ultraviolet photography 253.7nm, 365 nm (IF)
(IF: Narrowband Interference Filter)

[Brochure, drawings, graph (C) Asahi Pentax Corporation; opt. analysis (C)]

Focal Lenght: 85
Aperture: 4.5
ApertureRange: 4.5/8/11/16/22
Magnification: UV-VIS-IR
Opt. Magnification:  
Mount: M42x1.0
Production Year:
Value: 0
Collection:  KDS

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