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Manufacturer: Nikon, Japan
Type: UV-Nikkor 105mm
Description: Specially developed scientific lens for recording UV - IR, made of fluorite and quartz. Lens design: 6 elements in 6 groups (based on the UV Nikkor 105mm design - lenses seem identical). Spectral transmission flat form 220nm to 900nm, ca 70% (same as UV Nikkor 105mm). Focus 0.48 meters to infinity (manual) (max. magnification 0.5x, with PN-11 tube up to 1:1). Filter thread size 52mm (standard pitch 0.75) Aperture f4.5 to f32 (manual); AI meter coupling. Weight 515 grams. Size: 68.5mm diameter, length 116.5mm to end of mount, 108mm mounting flange to top. Meter, feet and magnification scale.

Full lens set comprises: lens, front/rear caps, AF-1 gel filter holder, UR-2 square (52x52mm, 2"x2") filter holder, Nikon-FF UV transmitting filter, instruction booklet, box
Serial number range: 20000x - 203031 (as known)

Lens manufacturing stopped 1999, but Tochigi Nikon offers the very same lens since 11/2006 under a slightly different name, distributed by DAITRON Corp. Japan; it is also listed here on this site.

Link to: Nikon UV Nikkor Instruction Manual

Link to: Nikon UV Nikkor brochure (jap.)

[first two pic rows show newer type, second two shows older type of packaging; lens schematics curtesy Marco Cavina]
Focal Lenght: 105
Aperture: 4.5
ApertureRange: 4.5/5.6/8/11/16/22/32
Magnification: UV-VIS-NIR
Opt. Magnification:  
Mount: Nikon bajonet
Production Year:
Value: 0
Collection:  KDS

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