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Manufacturer: Meta Gerätetechnik GmbH
Type: LDM-1
Description: Long Distance Microscope, based on the Makowsky Katoptaron "Schiefspiegler" design using only front surface two quartz ZERODUR (C) Schott mirrors. Transmission UV-IR (ca 200nm....4000nm). Allows very high magnifications from far away, like 24x from 3 meters (9ft). Also LDM-1(s) version with even higher mag. using special front side screw in achromats. Special binoculars and aiming device available, mounted on top outlet with flip in mirror.
Test image shows comparison between other catadioptric lens (left) and LDM-1 (right)
Link to: LDM-1 datasheet
Link to: Makowsky Patent Literature

[Lens was distributed in the US through Infinity, Boulder, Colorado]
Focal Lenght: 800
Aperture: 11
ApertureRange: continously variable
Magnification: UV-VIS-IR
Opt. Magnification:  
Mount: T-mount
Production Year:
Value: 0
Collection:  KDS

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