Macrolens Titelleiste

Manufacturer: C. P. Goerz, Berlin
Type: Syntor 180mm f/6.8
Description: This rare Goerz Syntor 180mm f/6.8 LF lens made ca. 1910 is marked "Identisch mit Quarz-Anastigmat No. 321244" i.e. Identical to the Quartz Anastigmat No. 321244. Construction 4 Lenses in 4 Groups, symmetrical design. Serial no. 332387. Further marked DOPP.-ANASTIGMAT. Lens was made for criminal/forensic and scientific studies using visible and ultraviolet light. This 7" lens covers 5x7" at f6.8 and an angle of 64-70 degreees depending how much it is stepped down.
This lens came from the Burghley Brooks collection, which included many lenses that were originally part of the Zeiss lens collection which was taken to the USA from Jena after World War II.
Focal Lenght: 180
Aperture: 6.8
ApertureRange: 6.8/8/11/16/22/32/45/64
Magnification: UV-VIS
Opt. Magnification:  
Production Year: 1910
Value: 0
Collection:  KDS

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